Sentosa码农乐谱 Henry's Easy Guitar Scores for Programmer

2.17 Betrayal

Am                 C     G                    Am
My love has gone away, quietly after hundred days
(Em)This is what's she has (F)always said she won't (G)stay
for more than what she can (Am)repay

(Am)I can still hear her (C)say (G)that I'm not hearing tender (Am)play
(Em)The day she let me (F)kiss her was a (G)display
of love to those who she (Am)betray

(Am)How can I put (C)someone to the test, when I thought (G)I got the best?
Until the (Am)taste of bitterness then I (Em)regret
but still I won't (F)detest
The love I can't (G)forget, like someone who has (Am)left

(Am)How can I leave someone for the (C)rest when I'm (G)facing the best?
Until the (Am)taste of treachery then I (Em)regret
But still I won't (F)detest
who I can never (G)forget like someone I once (Am)met